Austin MacKay is a filmmaker and photographer based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada!

He has devoted most of his life to travelling, photographing, and capturing all of his precious adventures and sharing them with all of you. 

He has recently graduated from the University of Winnipeg with not one, but two degrees; A Business Degree and a Filmmaking Degree.

He has made an award winning short film and plans on continuing to spend the next year making more movies!

Austin has worked with tourism commissions all over Manitoba including Travel Manitoba, Tourism Winnipeg, Parks Canada and Clear Lake Country. He has also collaborated with many brands such as Mercedes Benz, Herschel Supply, and Prairie Supply Co. Among these tourism commissions and brands, he has also worked with major marketing agencies to promote campaigns across social media platforms.

If you've missed out on my adventures, catch them on my Instagram feed below!

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